Produced, written & directed by Neal Livingston, 2019

Neal Livingston

Can you garden in the winter ? Is this the start of the Snow food movement ?

This hilarious short film, placed amidst food culture and the slow food movement, mocks self help, social media,
and the do it yourself ethic, ranging through various humour types from who’s fooling who to self deprecation.

Award winning Cape Breton Nova Scotia documentary maker Neal Livingston, for the first time in 50 years of filmmaking,
makes himself the subject of his new film.

"Well geez, it did cheer me up. You’re a genius."
– Ralph Surette - Canadian Journalist, Nova Scotian Columnist

"Just showed your film (nice and loud) to an audience of over 40 folks here in Indian Brook – there was a lot of loud laughter!!"
– Aube Giroux - Filmmaker of award winning film MODIFIED

"Classic. It should be titled 'Farming in Canada'." – Glen Estill

Maria and Niki both said the same thing “You’re a bear !”

Full version run time 6:53 min