Renewable Energy

Micro Hydro Station

Renewable Energy developer, and policy advocate for Solar, Wind, Small Hydro, and domestic sized hydro, Neal Livingston has a 30 year career as a renewable energy developer and policy advocate for solar, water and wind power.

Micro-Hydro: Neal has one of the first modern micro hydro units at his home since 1980, stand alone from the grid, and then was the first person to net meter with the utility from home since 1993.

Wind Turbine assembly Small Hydro: Since 1984 he owns and operates Black River Hydro Ltd., a 220 kilowatt hydro-electric plant which he planned, contracted, and oversaw the building of. It was Nova Scotia's first new private company selling electricity to the grid. It has a long term contract to sell its power to Nova Scotia Power. This work has also involved years of public advocacy policy work to have fair rates and conditions for small private power producers.

Solar: In 1986 Neal built a passive solar home, which is run with renewable electricity he generates from a micro-hydro turbine, and 48 solar panels (since 2017), which also enable charging an EV (Electric Vehicle). These domestic sized generating sources net meter within the provincial electrical grid.

Wind: Starting in 2003 Neal began work on developing commercial-sized wind power projects in Nova Scotia. In 2005 he formed Black River Wind Limited with Peggy Cameron.

In 2013 Black River Wind completed a 3 wind turbine 5600kw combined installation, with one turbine in Pictou County on the mainland and two more in Inverness County on Cape Breton island.

Wind Turbine assembly


Living well on renewable power
A visit to Neal Livingston's Mabou homestead
Susan Paddon, Rural Delivery, October 2015

Speaking out about Energy Policy for Renewable Energy in Nova Scotia:
Coal will Still be King Are We Really Going Green? Neal Livingston, October 2010

Final Summation to URB Biomass Hearing Port Hawkesbury Biomass Project P- 128.10
Neal Livingston, Co-Chair- Margaree Environmental Association, September 2010 Wind Turbine assembly

Submissions on the Nova Scotia Renewable Electricity Plan:

Wind Turbine assembly

An Action Plan for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy and Programs,
to Maximize the Benefits to Nova Scotians
Neal Livingston, February 2009