Toxic Partners

40:45 minutes, 1999.
Directed by Neal Livingston.
Narrated by David Suzuki.
Available on DVD.

A documentary about two communities with toxic waste sites and the human suffering within them. The cities of Sydney, Cape Breton which has Canada's largest toxic waste site, and Fort Valley, Georgia a black community in Southern Georgia in the United States.

The film is a strong and moving portrait which follows a community exchange of local citizen activists from these two communities visiting each others communities. It is a powerful document on how the respective Governments care little for the health and well being of these, their citizens.

The viewer is given a close up view of the horrible problems of these toxic sites, a shocking portrait of people living next to them, and the difficulties in cleaning them up. A main thrust of the film is to document how little is being done to move people away from living beside these environmentally dangerous areas, and the need for action by governments to remedy this.

"Toxic Partners ... raises some troubling concerns, but is more a call to arms for all communities with toxic waste problems than a balanced consideration of the issues."
         -- Tony Atherton, TV Data Features Syndicate, March 23, 1999.

Toxic Partners was produced in association with VISION TV and the Sierra Club of Canada.

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