Michel in the Suête

4:58 minutes, 1998.
Produced, written, & directed by Neal Livingston.
Available on DVD.

A hilarious comic documentary about Michel Williatte-Battet attempting to carry out a normal day's activities during a Suête wind storm. The results are unpredictable and side-splitting!

Suêtes are hurricane force south-east winds that beat down on the Acadian French coastal area of northwestern Cape Breton Island, in the eastern Canadian Province of Nova Scotia, Canada in the spring and autumn.

The film received its premiere screenings at the Toronto International Film Festival It has also been screened at the Atlantic Film Festival 1998, and the Local Hero's Film Festival 1999. It received a Moonsnail Award for best sound at the Atlantic Film Festival 1998. It has also been screened theatrically in Canada, the United States, and Finland.

Michel Williatte-Battet tente d'accomplir ses activités quotidiennes pendant un Suête. Ceci résulte en un documentaire comique hilarant.

Les Suêtes sont des vents à force d'ouragan provenants du sud-est qui battent les côtes de l'Acadie dans le Nord-Ouest du Cap Breton, dans la province de la Nouvelle-Écosse, dans l'Est du Canada.

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